Tips on how to avoid sextortion

#Sextortion can start on any social media network, app, site or game and many young people are falling victim to this.
How does it start?
A predator will reach out to a young person often using a profile picture of an attractive person. They will usually choose a picture that represents the same age group.
Through deception, manipulation or threats, the predator convinces the young person to produce an explicit video or image.
Once they have the image, the threats and blackmailing begin!
These criminal often ask for money or even more explicit photographs or video material that they use as child pornography.
How can you prevent this?
Never share any explicit images or video material with anyone.
Check the privacy and security settings. If your social media or internet accounts are open to everyone, a predator has access to a lot of information about you.
Block and ignore messages from strangers.
Be aware that people can pretend to be anything or anyone online.
These criminals will make you feel scared, confused and embarrassed. No matter the threats, they are the ones breaking the law and you must report this!
Report any suspicious behaviour to the site administrator and if you have been victimised.
Report this to the nearest police station.