On-Campus fashion trends to look out for

Johannesburg, South Africa,09 March 2022 – In a world of trends, your style or how you dress up says a lot about your personality, especially when you are a student. As hard as it may seem to wake up and prepare for your classes, not knowing what to wear can ruin your mood, and you start asking yourself questions like, do I look like a weirdo? That is just out of style, Don’t even have enough clothes, to change to every day? The answer to that is easy, here are a few tips on what to simply wear to campus without a fuss.


Beauty and Fashion content creator Valerie Mapfumo with an understanding of how it can be exciting going to campus every day, and how you can also be slightly terrified, about your style, outfits, and appearance.


Once you get to stop shying away from how others will perceive your style, try finding fits that are cute and comfortable to you will work to your advantage, with more confidence as you get to understand your style and how to show off your personality, don’t get overboard by showing off all your fashion sense of style all at once.


Avoid wearing heels if you can’t walk in them! lighter leggings are cute but do not count as professional dress no matter how cute your top is, and rocking a brand new school tee the first-week screams‘’ freshman’’

Be chilled and still look super stylish, streetwear is now the 2022 vibes, never be scared to wear a pair of roomy jeans and sneakers.


When in doubt about your style not meeting the standard of being a university student, keep yourself updated by following fashion trends on social media, Instagram, Tik Tok, and others.


The secret to dressing for the campus in 2022 is to look out for older fashion trends coming back to style. The most significant thing about fashion is that it recycles style, clothing that was popular in the 80s can be relevant to have in fashion in this era, you can just layer up to any 1990s trend, and you are done.



Blazer and jeans are a perfect look for days when you don’t feel like picking out an outfit, throw a blazer on over your comfiest jeans and you’ll instantly look ready for your next class. With a white sleeve top, you will be getting compliments around campus.


Make a statement with your outfits, is when you will look cute without even trying, that is you shinning up your personality. Wear matching sets, like jeans to jeans or matching colors, and remember to add accessories to your favorite outfits. It can be those ugly boots you don’t like, wear them, they could match with your earrings.