Jackie Phamotse bares it all for you with the launch of BARE IV: Mercy

While you may be familiar with Phamotse’s, ‘The Blessers Game’ released in 2017, ‘The Cradle of the Hockey Club’ released in 2019, and ‘Ego’ released in 2020 you are yet to be amazed by the teratology addition.
Her fourth book, ‘BARE: Mercy’ introduces us to orphaned girls and the downfall of those powers. Like any Jackie Phamotse book, it forces you to turn from one page to the next and is nothing short of excellent, as each chapter unfolds you are introduced to a storytelling style like no other.

The three other additions of BARE books have shown us some truth about the society we live in. Phamotse has not failed to bring this outstanding feature in the fourth edition of the franchise. The acclaimed author has managed to once again leave you intrigued and anticipating more.

Phamotse, who has written nine other books, creates work that draws you in because of how closely personal her work is, and with her background in criminology studies, her new work has an incredible take on crime factors in her storytelling.

What carries weight in Phamotse work is her research. “With this book, I had to make sure I understood the story I was telling by spending time at various shelters, which included Bokamoso Youth Centre as well as the Leratong Hospital Shelter. My inspiration was created from the real-life stories, the experiences of women in those shelters, and from my personal knowledge as well.” Phamotse explains.

The award-winning author, businesswoman, social activist, and philanthropist prides herself in being the narrator of African tales, ones that derive from the lives of the women and children she has had the honour of meeting.

Apart from being entertainment, her books have been a form of enlightenment, highlighting societal dilemmas in a manner that is both empowering and thought-provoking.