An interview with songstress Mariechan

How does it feel to be part of the Clicks Beauty playground for Sofn’free?

I can tell you that I’m looking forward to it & absolutely honoured to be associated with the Sofn’free brand


What is your usual hair routine?

If I could wear wigs every day I would lol! I have very curly hair & recently reduced the amount of heat I use to avoid losing my curls.

Step1 – I use a sulphate free shampoo followed by moisturising conditioner to give my hair the moisture it needs from all the chemicals I’ve exposed it to.

Step2 – Towel dry then I use my SofnFree cannabis & shea butter moisturising lotion before applying Sofnfree’s curling crème

Step 3 – i spritz my fave SofnFree coconut oil & Jamaican black castor oil curl refresher & style, I actually carry it in my bag to stay shining & refresh when I need.


What is your face day to day routine?

I’ve used every skin product I can think of & was never truly seeing the results I anticipated, so I ditched all of that & went back to basics using shea moisture’s African black soap (I discovered at clicks) to wash my face. Before I moisturise, I apply 100% lemon juice around my dark circles under my eyes in patting motion (can also be used if you have blemishes or pigmentation problems, it truly lightens my skin to natural tone) – wait for it to dry a little, sometimes there’s a minor sting but nothing to be alarmed about as you can just apply your daily moisturiser after that. I moisturise with Dermacell Aloe Ferox Moisturiser SPF20 that I also discovered at clicks. Aloe’s great for the skin while I stay protected from the sun with SPF20 properties.


Where have you been and what has been happening musically for your career?

The Covid pandemic altered all of our lives as it was unexpected & the whole world came to a halt, livelihoods were paused for many but the music industry just kind of stopped. Many artists like myself had to improvise & innovate by tapping into other skills or talents to muster the challenges we faced. The reality of a new reality was real but the blessing for me was that I was able to really lock down & focus on Brand Mariechan & my next music instalment. I managed to set up a home studio & used YouTube tutorials to try & engineer so I can record myself but the “PT” was too much so I had my boyfriend learn instead LOL! I’ll stick to singing thanks!

I’ve since had some great collaborations with the likes of Mobi Dixon, Sphumante, Tyler ICU that was released amidst the pandemic & climbing radio charts, but excited about my next single…shhhh


You feature in Mobi Dixon’s new album, how did that come about?

In the creative world, dj’s/artists/producers kinda just hit you up via text, it’s usually very informal, it’s all about the vibe you want & the artist you envision for that song. Mobi did just that, he dropped me a text with the beat & asked if I’d be keen to put my Mariechan magic on it & I agreed of course. I was busy with my own project so it took me 2wks to deliver to Mobi(askies) but well worth the wait as he loved what I had written & sung, then boom, I found out it will be the 1st single off his new album!


Tell us about the song and its meaning?

Back story – i had no idea what the title of Mobi’s project was until he sent me the artwork for release “When house was House”.

Ironically I had already titled the song Home – the beat evoked a longing in me, longing for home or someone that feels like home and that’s what I wrote about…Covid kept me from traveling to see my family in Cape Town & I had never been away for that long, I lost loved ones & couldn’t attend the funerals…I had forgotten what home feels like & through love & friendships who’s “homes” were close by, I wanted to feel it from their point of view so I don’t forget.


You have been featured by top SA artists, who was your favourite person or people to work with, and why?

I mean they’re ALL Top artists which means my experience with them was top tier, I enjoyed & vibe with each & everyone of them coz they’re so different in their own way… (see what I did there? Lol)


You are talented, but do you believe you get the recognition you deserve?

I’m all about spreading love & positivity so I choose to focus on the lives I get to impact through my music & sharing knowledge of the music industry. I spend more time creating & being the woman I’m proud of than I do on price tags coz I’m priceless boo.


What are the challenges currently?

I’d say getting back to a place where business booms, getting what we deserve & are truly worth in both value & currency.


What do you still want to achieve in the future?

I’ve achieved quite a lot of what i set out to do but expanding my brand into the rest of Africa & international platforms is still on my bucket list that hasn’t been ticked off due to Covidthat paused & altered some of those plans. We keep pushing though, it ain’t over till I sing lol.


Are you still in contact with the Jamali girls and how are they doing?

We’re in touch but not often, most times we get a glimpse of what the other is doing on social media and that’s kind of reassurance that everyone’s doing well, is glowing & doing what they do best, shine. I’m 1 of 8 vocal coaches on idols SAso I get to see Liesl for that brief period as she’s one of the vocal coaches too.


How have you survived through the pandemic and now?

I am woman, I am multitalented and use my other skills like writing, coaching, communications etc. & incorporate that into my business. I’m independent which means I receive 100% of the revenue for my services.

We also have music institutions like Samro, Sampra, Capasso etc. that insure artists’ music rights & music funds are protected and distributed according to our works submitted. It pays being a creative, so keep writing & publishing and you’ll be fine.


You are also open about your relationship with Manu Worldstar; how long are you together and how is it also dating in the limelight?

It’s been nearly 3yrs with my bestie & music advisor, I find things work well when it’s less in the limelight & the focus is our craft. Music connects us, that’s how we found each other& we share similar goals in music which is a bonus coz we push & keep one another in check.


Plans for this year going and the future?

Releasing releasing releasing music of course! It’s overdue & I have fans that are very annoyed with me already lol…I’m a firm believer of working in silence & making noise when plans/goals come to fruition, so until then just know my future is still bright haha.