5 Shocking Revelations About Alph Lukau ‘dead man miracle’ that prove it was nothing but an Oscar winning performance

5 Shocking Revelations About Alph Lukau 'dead man miracle' that prove it was nothing but a Oscar winning performance

Whilst Alph Lukau has been dominating media headlines about his “dead man miracle” loose ends are seemingly starting to bite him as many revelations are coming about the supposed miracle which in simple words is nothing but a hoax meant to grab a market that has a huge thirst for instant gratification.

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1.Brighton from Zimbabwe who works in Pretoria for Vincent Amoretti PTY LTD is now AWOL from work since the said miracle. His boss revealed that this is not the first time Brighton has ‘helped’ the pastor. He is said to have previously pretended to be wheelchair-bound and then standing up after Lukau prayed for him.

2.Advocate Prince Mafu, speaking on behalf of Kings and Queens, Black Phoenix and Kingdom Blue, said the parlours were used through various forms of misrepresentation to suit a particular outcome and that no dead body left any of their parlours.

3.There is currently no evidence of the men being admitted in any hospital and the church is now saying he was seeing a private doctor which means there won’t be any record of the man being a patient anywhere.

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4.The church is now saying the man identified as Elliot in the video had arrived alive and kicking inside a coffin at the church gate.

5.During the miracle, Alph Lukau said “This man died since Friday, he was in the mortuary,” but based on evidence being provided by the funeral parlours whose services were used none of them had the corpse at their premises.

6.According to Kings and Queens Funeral Parlour manager in Polokwane, the hearse used to transport the man had been booked for a mechanical service in Johannesburg and she doesn’t know how the church got hold of it. The driver responsible for it has said to be AWOL.