5 SA Pastors Who Were Accused Of Rape

5 SA Pastors Who Were Accused Of Rape

Many church pastors in South Africa have tainted Christianity is such a bad way. Whilst you would expect that many of the pastors would be preaching the gospel and bringing followers to christ, most are using the opportunity to prey on vulnerable women and girls and boys. See 5 SA Pastors Who Were Accused Of Rape

1.Timothy Omotoso

Omotoso is alleged to have groomed people and abused them from the age of 14. If the court finds that the allegation of sex with minors is true, he will be convicted of statutory rape regardless if the act was consensual or not and he may face a life behind bars. He is alleged to have serially abused people over a period of time and shielded his acts behind the pulpit. Over 30 young girls have come forward to detail their experiences at the hand of the alleged sexual predator. [He was arrested by the South African priority crimes unit, Hawks,on Thursday, 20 April 2017 at the Port Elizabeth airport

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2.Pastor William Emeka

William Emeka, pastor of God Is Love Ministries church near Bronkhorstspruit was arrested after women belonging to his church pressed charges of sexual assault and rape against him. The alleged victims claimed that Emeka would propose that he prayed for them in private whenever they had problems. The pastor would then spray what he described as the holy oil on them, including their private parts.“Before he sprayed them, he would ask them to take off their clothes, In the middle of the “prayer”, Emeka would allegedly force himself on the women and demand sex.

3.Hands of God International Ministries pastor

The pastor from Soshanguve, north of Pretoria, is alleged to have been abusing a group of boys that were attending a ministry school at his church to graduate as pastors themselves. A now 19-year-old victim said he was 16 years old when the abuse started. He said he had been staying and sleeping at the Hands of God International Ministries for three years to train as a pastor.

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4. Universal Church of the Kingdom of God

A young woman was raped at the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Church in Zola, Soweto by a pastor on 8 February 2013.

5. Pastor with church in Richmond Farm

A Durban pastor is alleged to raping four young girls in Ntuzuma, outside Durban. Police spokesman Col Thembeka Mbele said that the 35-year-old man, who has a church in Richmond Farm, had preyed on his young congregants for about three years. “It is alleged that since 2015, the pastor singled out young girls who were raised by single parents, appearing to play a fatherly role.

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6. Betania pastor accused of raping daughter

The pastor of a church in the Betania area stands accused of raping his six-year-old daughter. The 30-year-old pastor reportedly promised his daughter food in return for her silence.