Zabalaza Teasers – June 2015

Coming up on Zabalaza this June:

Monday 1 June 2015
Episode 433


Jazzman is not one to let an obstacle get in his way. Moss attracts attention when he gets into it with cops who are looking for Waka.

Tuesday 2 June 2015
Episode 434

Too Much Too Soon

In the midst of death, Mygirl is determined to be a star. KG is a different person and plays hardball at Slick Vic – to Victoria’s surprise.

Wednesday 3 June 2015
Episode 435

Enough is Enough

Q is stung when he is not acknowledged as a Morapama. KG is still playing games and thinks she has the upper hand. Ray can’t take the guilt any longer.

Thursday 4 June 2015
Episode 436

Final Goodbyes

The family gets ready for the final send-off and an unexpected family member makes an appearance.

Monday 8 June 2015
Episode 437

Breaking The Rules

The Ndou family is surprised and worried to see the soft side of Sydney come out towards KG. Meanwhile, the Morapama family is touched by Jazzman’s extreme measures to be there for the family.

Tuesday 9 June 2015
Episode 438

Dog Eat Dog World

The Slick partners pretend to celebrate KG’s new position. Qiniso reacts when he’s yet again side-lined at work, while his ex-girlfriend receives a special gift from Waka.

Wednesday 10 June 2015
Episode 439

The Chase

Sydney loses it with KG, who refuses his help to get her ready for the Goliath pitch. Mthunzi steps in to help a devastated Gasta. Sponono lets the homeless woman slip right through her fingers.

Thursday 11 June 2015
Episode 440

Too Close To Home

A miserable Moss wants others to feel the same misery. Sydney laughs off KG’s accusations after she sees an intimate moment between him and Victoria.
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Monday 15 June 2015
Episode 441

KG and Goliath

An emotional Lindiwe costs Mo Events a client after she lashes out at the CEO. Will KG come out tops or will the Slick team win once again?

Tuesday 16 June 2015
Episode 442

Enough is Not Enough

Sponono suspects that Mthunzi and Gasta are getting too close. Just when things are about to go west for Mo Events, Moss steps in and saves the day. KG’s joy over winning Nikki over is short-lived.

Wednesday 17 June 2015
Episode 443

Uninvited Guests

Lindiwe and Ray arrive home to find an uninvited visitor, leaving Lindiwe unsettled and him seething.  Moss battles to celebrate his successful night as he fantasises about having Shaka with him.

Thursday 18 June 2015
Episode 444

True Love at Lust

Victoria has planned a weekend away with Sydney, who is feeling rather anxious about it. Gasta gives Mthunzi false hope about selling the club. Meanwhile, Nathi and Lindiwe get busy… with work of course!

Monday 22 June 2015
Episode 445

Blast From The Past

Nikki doesn’t take being blackmailed lightly, but she’s left with no choice. Herbert loans Q a chunk of money – to Ray’s dismay.

Tuesday 23 June 2015
Episode 446

Hard Choices

Qiniso’s plan to renovate the Jazzclub is in motion despite Mthunzi’s reservations. Sydney is a tormented man, caught between a rock and a hard place.

Wednesday 24 June 2015
Episode 447


Ray takes the risk to cover up his tracks while Lindiwe enjoys her time off work. Q’s dream finally comes true.

Thursday 25 June 2015
Episode 448

The Launch

Q’s nerves worry the family but his mother’s words calm him down. Will Club 94’s launch be a success? Sydney surprises one lover but disappoints the other.

Monday 29 June 2015
Episode 449

Justified Consequences

Moss’s act of revenge lands him in trouble. Sydney is given an ultimatum: he either loses everything he’s built with Victoria or loses KG. Which one will he pick?

Tuesday 30 June 2015
Episode 450

Couples Trouble

The tension between Lindiwe and Ray doesn’t go unnoticed. Gasta blames herself for her sons suffering. KG gives Victoria a piece of her mind.

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