Woman Gets Her Master’s Degree In Five Months

Woman Gets Her Master’s Degree In Five Months. From quite a young age, Msa Mesatywa would watch the evening news.

From quite a young age, Msa Mesatywa would watch the evening news. She started being interested in financial issues and the economy. Once the woman from Eastern Cape passed her matriculation she wanted to go through the route of becoming an accountant. When she applied for the course at the Nelson Mandela University she had to undergo an extended program so that she could qualify for the qualification.

When she was done with the first year, Msa noted that she was not into accounting thus she took economics as her major. She then found love in the economics field. In University when she was busy with her bachelor’s degree and then honours degree in economics, she had a hard time coping with time and multi-tasking. She says that she would do things at the last minute, which comes with pressure.

“I would always do things at the last minute and end up being under pressure, which resulted in me having heavy headaches and sleepless nights unnecessarily. I overcome that by drafting a schedule for my study times,” says Msa Mesatywa. She seems to have gotten a hold of her scheduling, which has resulted in her getting her honours in economics in April and she also brought in her research proposal for her master’s degree on month after. She had studied for 12 hours a day with only a one hour break when she was working towards finishing her master’s degree in a short space of time.

She graduated for the second time in 2019 when she got her master’s degree in December. “It was not easy, but I enjoyed the process. Most people don’t know that you can do a master’s degree in five months. What happens is that you have an option of doing either research only, which is intense, or both coursework and research, which will take you a year to complete,” says Msa Metywa.

by Alexandra Ramaite