Witchcraft Attack

worried-black-womanThere was a certain woman who always noticed a strange mark on her chest each day she wakes up from bed, & each time she notice this particular mark.
She always assume it is an ORDINARY MARK,& since the day she noticed this strange/evil mark on her chest, things began to turn into negatives for this woman. Her booming business began to run dry suddenly till the time she had no money to… sustain and promote her business again. & also she had been experiencing problems with her fiance.
Anything this woman will lay her hand on, it began to translate into failure. Everything went really bad for this woman and her beautiful relationship. Her morning was full of crying and her night was full of sorrow.
She moan and moan and yet nothing good was able to come out from her tears. So one day, when a pastor met her in this condition, the pastor told her that the root of her problems is because of the mark the enemy had placed on her chest.
The pastor reminded her about a dream she had. The shot of a spear by a stranger on her chest in her dream. That is the mark hunting her. When the woman recall about that dream, she immediately told the pastor it is true, & that she had also noticed it. Now, after the pastor had finished praying for this woman, the evil mark turn into blessings for this woman.
Good things began to take a new shape in her life, relationship and business. prophesy: Every evil marks the enemy had placed on your life, business, marriage, academics etc that is affecting you day and night, command that spiritual mark to Catch Fire & Go Back To The Sender . Click “Like” & Type “AMEN” to Claim This Prayer.