Watch: This Is How Easily A Ford Car Is Stolen

Watch: This Is How Easily A Ford Car Is Stolen. The car thieves are seen using certain techniques to open the cars.

Those who are in the possession of Ford cars have been having a really tough time this past week.A video has been making its rounds on the internet. Footage that has been caught on CCTV surveillance shows a male breaking into a Ford car in a parking lot. The video shows how easy it is to break into Ford cars.

The video that was posted by South Africa Live shows a collection of events that have happened to the Ford cars. The car thieves are seen using certain techniques to open the cars. It takes the car thieves only a few seconds to open the cars.

In one part of the video, a male suspect parks a Toyota car next to a Ford Car in a parking lot. The thief moves to the driver side of the car, using a certain technique to open the car. The male then moves to the boot of the car to take whatever is in there, the male goes back to the Toyota then drives away.

In another part of the video, there’s a person recording stating how the car thieves unlock the cars. The person recording also shows the damages that have been done to the car. The male also states that the tracking device in his car has been taken out. He also warned people about leaving valuable items in their cars.

In another part of the video there is a crossover between a car thief and another person explaining how they steal the Ford bakkies. The car thief is seen doing something to the passenger side of the tire area. The person explaining says that the thieves are unplugging the alarm of the Car on that side. The video then moves over to the car thief getting into the car then driving away in it.

In another part, the car thief is seen unlocking the car lock. The thief’s accomplice helps him tamper with the car’s starter. The thieves then both drive away. In the last part of the video, two male thieves also do the same. The pictures of the three cars that were stolen at the Centurion Mall have also been included in the video. The three cars were robbed off valuable items at the Centurion Mall underground parking.

People on Facebook have replied to the video, with some complaining about the service of the Ford Company. One Facebook follower said: “These has been going on for over 2 years. Rangers getting stolen in less than 120 seconds, videos have been all over social media and sent to Ford SA and their response has always been “we are working on improving security” 2 to 3 years down the line still no recall to fix it.”

One other follower said: “How do they know about this…maybe for technicians (they’ve) thyve got a lot of explaining to do.” One of the followers stated that the even does not only happen to those who own Ford cars but to every car owner.

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by Alexandra Ramaite