Watch! DMX Praying At Kanye West’s Famous Sunday Service

Kanye West’s church has become viral since yesterday with DMX being the guest of honour and North West worshipping with her out of this world dance moves.

A lot of A-list stars have seemed to be joining the Yeezus star’s church.

DMX opened the service with a prayer. This surprised a lot of tweeps, even though DMX has been visiting a lot of spiritual services since he found his spiritual calling years ago.

North West’s dance moves pulled everyone at the church service.

Kim Kardashian-West posted a brief video of her little girl getting lifted by the spirit.

North stole the show and had a time of her life at her dad’s church with black lipstick and a black dress.

Some tweeps are not sure if they should join the church, with some thinking it’s a cult. Other tweeps seem to want to go to one of the church services.

by Alexandra Ramaite