Uzalo Teasers – March 2015

Monday 2 March 2015
Episode 10

Dlomo is suspicious of Mabuza and Mxolisi’s involvement in Muzi’s criminal activities. Mxolisi gives his father a piece of paper with researched data on the places that are safest to steal cars from. Plans are changed and Mastermind is seen later this evening by Dlomo, with another car.

While Diana is worried about the unrequited feelings Nkule has for Ayanda, Zandile is happy to see him at church, although unpleased with her knowledge that he is a barman at the Tshisa Nyama. She misses her son. Ayanda misses home too.

Sindi receives condolences from the Mdletshe family and a discovery is made, the world is so small. The hospital Sindi needs help from is the same one Zandile’s son was born in, but a year before the year Sindi mentioned: 1990 and not 1991.

Zandile and Melusi have a debate about whether they should let Nkosinathi go on his date with Amandla. Zandile is worried that Nkosinathi may be too young to be going on dates but Melusi speaks sense into her head, this generation of kids will do these things whether or not the parents agree, so it is better to just be open about it.

Tuesday 3 March 2015
Episode 11 

Mabuza warns Muzi that Dlomo has been asking him a number of suspicious questions (Dlomo has spotted a car at the panel beaters which has been reported missing). Muzi and Mabuza agree to meet the following day with a game plan, Dlomo is clearly up to something and they have to stop him.

Ayanda is taken away by Buhle and she is just as smitten by him. She MC’s an after party for young female entrepreneurs as e DJ’s along. Nkule is jealous of the chemistry between Buhle and Ayanda. Buhle has stolen all of Ayanda’s attention from Nkule.

Nkosinathi nervously, finally gathers up the courage to ask Amandla out on a date. Sindisiwe continues to stay at the Mdletshe household and is almost disillusioned by her hopeless findings, being pushed from pillar to post. Zandile gives her hope and is willing to help but Melusi warns her no to get too involved.

Wednesday 4 March 2015
Episode 12

When Dlomo finds incriminating evidence on Muzi, he pins the stolen engine on him. Mxo takes the fall when Mastermind and Muzi’s plan fails. He is arrested, the sacrificial lamb is driven off in the back of a police van.

Ayanda wakes up at Buhle’s apartment and sees an envelope with money inside of it. He ponders about his life and if he is really a male prostitute. He is getting paid for sex. Buhle tells him that she just wants good times with him, no strings attached. They can both benefit from this. Ayanda is enticed.

While Mastermind is wary of Amandla and Nkosinathi dating, Amandla raises the topic of what happens if Nkosinathi kisses her. This catches Smangele off guard and she tells her to not dare kiss Nkosinathi back if that ever happens.

Monday 9 March 2015
Episode 13

While Muzi continues to worry if the news of Mxolisi’s arrest will travel the township streets, Dlomo tells him his plan to bring down Muzi regardless of Mxo’s little act of averting the raid. Muzi confronts Dlomo about what he has against Muzi’s family. At the end of the day Mxo is released but he worries about the criminal record he now sits with.

Sis Diana witnesses Ayanda being a flirt, as always, with Buhle and her entourage and she reminds him of his duties at the ShisaNyama. She also warns Nkule about Ayanda’s ways, she should keep away or she will fall victim to his heart-breaker tendencies.

Sindi is happy to meet Nothando, with the hopes of getting closer to her goal. She is deflated to learn that this woman who worked with her mother in the heyday can barely help her out because she is dementia-stricken. Sindisiwe is dejected, hopeless.

Nkosinathi and Amandla go on their first date today. Smangele is nervous but excited at the same time, her little sister is growing so fast. Zandile on the other hand is worried about the “lower-class” Amandla being with her son. She is ice-cold towards Amandla.

Tuesday 10 March 2015
Episode 14

Muzi takes the bull by the horns as he fights his son’s battle. Mxolisi is given an ultimatum. He is either okay with his father buying his docket (Muzi being the criminal), or they can just both be known as criminals. Muzi does not want his son’s future to be tainted by what he is not.

As Ayanda drowns further in the depth of his player ways, Nkule’s heart sinks in misery. She confronts him about his random sleep outs, is he seeing someone? Ayanda reassures her that she will always be his Bonnie. Ayanda is high in demand and has to pick one of the millions of girls calling him, this upsets Nkule but she has no say.

When Sindi expresses her disappointment in the only lead she had, Nothando, Zandile gives her a new height of enthusiasm. Dementia is not a total train smash. When Sindi tries sitting with her a whole day, Nothando rambles on the same word of having found “her”, leaving Sindi even more confused.

Zandile and Melusi suggest she patiently go there another day as this could be a clue. Amandla shows off her amazing date with Nkosinathi to her friends. She tells them about him paying for everything and not wanting the date to end. When she shows them the selfie they took together, they are glad to announce to her that this mean they are officially a couple now. Amandla is smitten.

Wednesday 11 March 2015
Episode 15

Muzi, Lindiwe and Mxolisi are in great panic as they learn that Mabuza has not been able to find the docket. The court case is next week and Mabuza is interrupted during his search of the docket by a determined Dlomo who tells him that the Xulu docket has been kept way out of anyone’s reach.

When she confronts Ayanda, Nkule is appalled and disappointed to learn that Ayanda doesn’t just sleep with multiple women for pleasure, but he does so in exchange for money. Sis Diana talks to Nkule about her heart-break, she thinks Nkule had better tell Ayanda how she feels about him.

Sindisiwe realizes she has no choice but to go back to the hospital. She is a tad relieved when a male nurse from the hospital, someone she doesn’t know but he recognizes her, offers to help her out in finding out whatever information she would like to know.

Nkosinathi is shocked that Amandla has sent her a relationship request on Facebook. They just went on a date, when did they move to being a couple?

Monday 16 March 2015
Episode 16

Mxolisi is saddened to learn that if found guilty, he could be sentenced for the same number of years of imprisonment as how long it took for him to acquire his degree. Muzi tells Lindiwe about his last resort, they will have to bribe a judge for the acquittal of his son.

Ayanda does not realize how much his escapades are hurting all the women involved in his promiscuous pool. Nkule seeks further advice from Sis Diana and she tells her to grab the bull by its horns. Nkule is left with a decision to make. Will she talk to Ayanda about her feelings?

Sindi is a split second away from breaking down when to her relief, she finally finds an ally, a male nurse who has seen her at the hospital a number of times and would like to know what she needs. He promises to try his best to assist her.

Amandla is worried she should not have taken advice from any of her friends. Nkosinathi has not said a word to her and nor has he accepted her FB relationship request. This is all her fault.

Tuesday 17 March 2015
Episode 17 

Muzi announces his decision not to bribe the judge but he is worried about his son’s fate. Mxolisi is devastated and seeks prayer from Melusi in preparation for his court case which is tomorrow. The Xulu family are in dismay, their son is going through a tough time.

Ayanda summons all of his women at the ShisaNyama and to their horrific devastation, there are not just so many of them but he is breaking up with all of them. Nkule speaks to Zandile about her feelings for Ayanda, she is in love with him and would like Zandile to speak to him to find out how he feels about her (Nkule).

Sindi is thrilled to hear that Norman has found the files with her mother’s information. But he tells her that the only way they can get their hands on those files is if they have at least R500 to bribe certain officials. Sindiswa is hesitant.

Nkosinathi talks to Melusi about his relationship dilemma. He is not sure how he really feels about Amandla yet. Melusi tells him to be honest with himself and Amandla so she is not stringed along by what she could think might be love.

Wednesday 18 March 2015
Episode 18

Mxolisi is let off to walk the streets freely as the judge sees the innocence encapsulated in his record, his academic achievements and his great citizenship. He suggests to his father that they get out of the crime business but Muzi does not want to hear this.

Nkule tries to retract her request for Zandile to speak to Ayanda but Zandile does not mind, she will be strategic about it. Nkule is humbled. Buhle returns to get a “love back” from Ayanda, who gently turns her offer down. Nkosinathi regrets ever listening to Ayanda’s terrible relationship advice.

Ayanda tells Nkosinathi to just live a little, he is young. He needs to jump on the “yolo” boat or life will pass him by. Nkosinathi understands, he doesn’t owe anyone anything. Sindi is at Norman’s house when he tries to force himself on her.

She is not trying to sleep with him, she cannot believe how she was misled. She fortunately escapes the traumatic experience of Norman’s perverted ways.

Monday 23 March 2015
Episode 19

Muzi wants to know what Mxolisi’s plan is now that everything is settled. Mxolisi tells Muzi he will show him, rather than tell him. Muzi feels disrespected by Mxolisi. On the other hand, Mastermind gets word from Muzi that they may proceed with business, but with much caution now. They need to set up a meeting with Mabuza to get word about what the police are up to now.

Zandile and Nkule talk about the discussion that Zandile had with Ayanda about his feelings for Nkule. Nkule is happy to learn that even though he might have not mentioned that he loves Nkule, Ayanda certainly may have great feelings for her, based on how, Zandile says, he spoke to her about Nkule.

Sindisiwe is down-spirited and despondent. Every plan of hers to fix the problem her mother created seems to be backfiring at every attempt, barrier after barrier and this is all too much for her. Zandile comforts her. Sindi confronts Norman about his sexual predator ways and threatens to report him if he does not get the file to her by tomorrow. Norman is fearful of her and promises to get the file for her.

Nkosinathi pays Amandla a visit and they talk about the Facebook relationship status. Amandla is not pleased with what she thinks was Nkosinathi’s act to save her from any further embarrassment. He assures her that that’s not the case. He wants this relationship to happen.

Tuesday 24 March 2015
Episode 20

Mabuza has a meeting with Muzi and Mastermind and he tells them about Mxolisi being a weak link, this is why Dlomo is after him, he knows Mxolisi’s weakness and he sure knows he will get all the information he needs from the boy. Mabuza suggests Mxolisi leave town, Muzi certainly agrees.

While Ayanda is stressed about not getting gigs, Nkule talks to Diana about the mixed signals she keeps getting from Ayanda, she doesn’t know what to make of it. Diana tells Nkule she doesn’t want to talk about Ayanda anymore, Nkule should do something about it! Nkule goes on the internet to find out how to know if a guy likes you.

Nkosinathi goes with Amandla to his parents and he makes an official announcement to them about him and Amandla being a couple now. Zandile is unsettled but Melusi is on Nkosinathi and Amandla’s side so this makes Nkosinathi glad. Amandla is nervous and uncomfortable.

Sindi finally receives her mother’s file from Norman. She leaves the building with much satisfaction, but first, she hands the security guard, Nothando, a letter reporting what a sexual predator their male nurse Norman is. Nothando assures Sindi she will take the letter to the matron personally.

Wednesday 25 March 2015
Episode 21

Mxolisi makes his appearance at the Panelbeaters dressed formally. He has decided to implant himself as an employee there, a manager at that. Muzi is infuriated by this such defiance from his son and he tells Mxolisi that if he comes back tomorrow he will regret it.

Nosipho sees her father livid, a side she has never seen of him before. Nkule speaks to Sis Diana about deejaying at the TshisaNyama. She is sceptical. Nkule lets Zandile in on the ten questions she found on the internet on how to know if a guy likes you, they are nine out of ten true and Zandile reassures Nkule that there is nothing to worry about.

Sindisiwe’s optimism is reinvigorated. She asks Zandile if she knows a woman called Juia, it is the name the old woman kept on uttering in her outbursts, same name that appeared on her mother’s files. It looks like they worked together. Zandile has no memory of the name at all.

Sindi needs to get a hold of Nothando again. Mastermind and Sma are dumfounded at the appalling announcement made by their bubbly sibling Amandla, about her relationship status with Nkosinathi. It is official and the parents know.

Mastermind says they are moving too quickly and now might be the time to then have the “birds and bees” conversation with Amandla. This burden is left on Sma’s shoulders.

Monday 30 March 2015
Episode 22

Nosipho has locked herself in her room in fear of crossing paths with her father. She expresses her fear of him. Muzi apologizes to Nosipho and they make peace. Mxolisi too apologizes to his father for causing trouble, but he gives Muzi an ultimatum, Muzi had better get out of the crime, or else involve Mxolisi.

Muzi is left with something to consider. Ayanda lies to Sis Diana about Muzi having agreed to have him DJ at the TshisaNyama. Nkule invites Ayanda for a surprise dinner at which they celebrate their friendship and Ayanda’s success. They share a passionate kiss… blatantly crossing the line (evidently pre-empting what more is to happen.)

Melusi and Zandile have the sex conversation with Nkosinati, leaving Zandile worried at Nkosinathis’ announcement that he might consider engaging in sex now that he has a girlfriend. Sma is nervous about how she will talk to Amandla about sex, what she will say. GC tells her the important thing is to tell Amandla about protection.

Sindi has returned home distraught. Nothando is dead and now she fears the impossibility of ever putting her mother’s past to rest. Her curse will never go away. Melusi and Zandile are surprised to hear this.

Tuesday 31 March 2015
Episode 23 

After conducting some research on the internet, tapping in on the psyche of a master criminal, Mxolisi realizes the extreme extent to which one would have to go to get Muzi out of crime.

Mabuza meets with Mastermind and enquires about the hold up, what all this silence means for them, for business. Mastermind blames it all on Mxolisi and tells Mabuza to hold on…until further notice.

Nkule and Ayanda are fast asleep at the hair salon, woken up by the entry of GC and SMA. It is blatant that they had sex. Nkule tells Sis Diana what happened between her and Ayanda. Sis Diana feels that if Ayanda slept with Nkule, he should commit to her from now moving forward.

Sma sees Zandile about the Nkosinathi-Amandla relationship and the issue of sex. As much as Nkosinathi has had his father speak to him about sex, Sma would like Zandile to speak to Amandla too because she (Sma) is a virgin and therefore has no frame of reference whatsoever. Zandile is proud of Sma, the epitome of how a woman should carry herself. She will speak to Amandla.

Sindi receives a call from Nothando’s daughter who tells her she would like to meet with her, she has some things to tell her but this conversation cannot be held over the phone. She will have to see her tomorrow. Sindi agrees with much hope.