Two Robbers Set Alight By Community Residents

Two Robbers Set Alight By Community Residents. Two guys were burnt alive at Masoyi, an area in Mpumalanga, during the weekend.

Two guys were burnt alive at Masoyi, an area in Mpumalanga, during the weekend. According to Mpumalanga News, the two guys and one other person were supposedly found robbing a truck when residents chased them and beat them up. They were robbing a confectionery truck.

Brigadier Leonard Hlathi says, “They were caught and assaulted before being set alight, the third suspect managed to escape from the angry crowd.” The brigadier says the home of one of the men was also burnt to the ground. The event happened approximately two weeks after the event of two guys accused of killing and sexually assaulting two relatives, 5 and six year old relatives were also set alight at Mganduzweni in Mpumalanga.

The angry residents thought that certain parts of the two young relatives were not there. Brigadier Leonard Hlathi says the police did a post-mortem that proved that all the body parts were still there. The post-mortem also agrees that the young relatives were indeed sexually assaulted. Lieutenant General Mondli Zuma, the Provincial Commissioner, asked the residents to let the police do their work and to not the police’s work for them.

He says that sometimes the wrong people get hurt when the residents take matters in to their own hands. He asked that the residents of the community to work with the police in enforcing justice in the country. The Provincial Commissioner says, “Our people are urged to exercise retrsaint at all times, and support the criminal justice process of the land.”

by Alexandra Ramaite