Tweeps Say What Breaks Their Hearts #ItsHeartbreakingThat

Tweeps Say What Breaks Their Hearts #ItsHeartbreakingThat. There are some events in life that touch people the wrong way.

There are some events in life that touch people the wrong way. The events may be in a private space such as friendship or in a familial space, or the events may be public. We all have that one event that breaks our hearts completely. This event could have happened once in our lives but we can’t actually forget about the event, or the event could happen often in our lives. Some people tend to do something about the event and some people find it hard to deal with event.

Tweeps went on to say what breaks their hearts. The tweeps used the hashtag #ItsHeartbreakingThat. One tweep says some people don’t realise that other people’s live can move without them. The tweep says, “Some people don’t get that life goes on with or without them.” One tweep says it breaks her heart that parents still compare their children to other children. The tweep says, “#ItsHeartbreakingThat our parents still compare us [to other children].” One tweep says, “#ItsHeartbreakingThat blacks can contribute money for your funeral but cannot support your education…how its hard for them to just cross the street to feed you yet they can travel miles just to bury you.”

One tweep jokingly is heartbroken because he ate eggs without aromat. The tweep says, “I ate eggs without aromat this morning.” One tweep says that he has to lower the brightness of his phone when he gets on Twitter in public. The tweep says, “ItsHeartbreakingThat I have to din the brightness on my phone before using twitter in public…some of these retweets…hai noh…” One tweep says, “I was trying to impress my friends by selecting Afrikaans at the ATM while withdrawing money…now I bought R3000 electricity.”

The tweets:

by Alexandra Ramaite