Tweeps Love ‘Scandal!’ Dintle Out Smarting Shado

Tweeps Love ‘Scandal!’ Dintle Out Smarting Shado. In Tuesday’s episode of etv’s ‘Scandal!’ Shado learnt a very hard lesson.

In Tuesday’s episode of etv’s ‘Scandal!’ Shado learnt a very hard lesson. Don’t ever mess with Dintle! The former Credential host has been planning on drugging Dintle and making her look like a drug abuser. When Dintle realised what Shado was doing, the tables turned. Dintle saw Shado pouring some unknown substance in her coffee. Dintle then swapped the coffees when Shado wasn’t looking.

Tweeps loved Dintle’s clever plan of ousting Shado’s devious ways. One tweep says, “Shado underestimated Dintle. She got a taste of her own medicine.” One tweep remembered that Dintle went against Thembeka, one of the most devious women that ‘Scandal!’ has ever had. The tweep says, “Shado thought she could go head to head with Dintle who used to battle off Thembeka?! Bruh, do you know Thembeka??? You don’t play with Dintle.”

The tweep went on to say that Dintle went against the two most powerful families, the Nyathis and the Martins. One tweep is happy that Dintle told Quinton about the incident before Shado collapsed. The tweep says, “I’m glad Dintle told Quinto before Shado collapsed.” One tweep says Dintle should just date Romeo. The tweep says, “Dintle and Romeo should date at some point…It would be fire.”

One tweep says Shado should have studied Dintle before she tried to go against her. “Wait what???? Did Shado not do her homework when it comes to Dintle??? Dintle the mafia herself??? Standing ovation for Dintle…” One tweep sees Dintle as her role model. The tweep says, “when i grow up; i want to be like Dintle…” One tweep says, “Shado didn’t know that with Dintle, she’s messing with the wrong person and (the) devil herself…”

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by Alexandra Ramaite