Tweeps Lay Their Life Frustrations With #IShoulHaveKnownThat

Tweeps Speak Their Life Frustrations With #IShoulHaveKnownThat. We all have things that we wish we should have known before they happened to us.

We all have things that we wish we should have known before they happened to us. It may be things you wish you knew before you went into the dating scene or things you wish you knew before you became an adult. Some of these things just bombard you and it’s really overwhelming.

Tweeps spoke about what they wish they knew with the hastag #IShouldHaveKnownThat. Some of the tweeps used memes to explain the emotions they have towards their posts. One of the tweeps says, “#IShouldHaveKnownThat life after matric is no joke.”

One tweep wished that he knew most vehicle dealerships cheat their consumers. The tweep says, “#IShouldHaveKnownThat that most car dealers buy second had cars on auction at discount and then sell them back to us at inflated prices with high interest rates.” Another tweep referenced the Economic Freedom Fighters, saying that he should’ve known that having more friends doesn’t mean you have a lot of supporters.

The tweep says, “#IShouldHaveKnownThat eff is a sign that you can have 5000 friends and still have 5 likes and 0 retweets.” Another tweep spoke about the negative moments his experiencing as a form of being an adult. The tweep says, “#IShouldHaveKnownThat being employed doesn’t mean u (you) hv (have) money bcz (because) adulting is hell.”

Another tweep spoke about supporting Babes Wodumo during the assault case. The tweep says, “IShouldHaveKnownThat supporting #BabesWodumo was a waste of time..” Some tweeps brought their comedic sides to the hashtag.

One tweep said: “#IShouldHaveKnownThatWhen you Overtake A GTI Driver…Somaar (just like that) They Think It’s a Race.” Another tweep mocked the way that the members of the Zion Christian Church sing. The tweep says, “#IShouldHaveKnownThat ZCC songs be like “Morena kea dumela kere No, No, No.” which means “Lord I agree, I’m saying No, No, No.”

These are the tweets:

by Alexandra Ramaite