Tweeps Compare Skhumba And Trevor Noah’s Comedy

Tweeps Compare Skhumba And Trevor Noah’s Comedy. Tweeps recently compared the comedian to fellow comedian and the ‘Daily Show’ host, Trevor Noah.

Skhumba Hlophe, famously known as Skhumba, is a radio presenter, actor and comedian. He is starred as a mechanic father in the SABC 1 sitcom show ‘Thandeka’s Diary.’ However, Skhumba is more known for his work as a stand-up comedian. He has made a name for himself in the stand-up world by going on a lot of his own tours such as his recent tour ‘I mean Bizness’. He also has his own comedy moments on his own Kaya FM show alongside Ndumiso called ‘GOOD FRIDAY with Skhumba and Ndumiso’.

Tweeps recently compared the comedian to fellow comedian and the ‘Daily Show’ host, Trevor Noah. The tweeps compared as to who was the best comedian amongst the both of them, with some of the tweeps not being on Skhumba’s side. One tweep says that Skhumba’s jokes are meant for Primary School children.

The tweep says, “Skhumba is primary school funny…Trevor jokes are well thought out and smart. In fact I watched Somizi’s roast for the first time the other day and Skhumba’s set was disappointing. Gareth Cliff, Kurt Darren and Schalk were funnier than him.” One tweep says, “Skhumba is not even close to being funny and most people tolerate him because when saying a joke he laughs while telling it.” Other people are disappointed by the comparison between the two comedians.

One tweep says, “while you are tweeting Skhumba is not funnier than Trevor or vice versa you might want to add the magic line “in my opinion or according to my taste”.” One tweep says, “…both Skhumba and Trevor Noah are doing great in their respective lanes. They’re individually the funniest to those who resonate the most with their work, no need for an A-or-B comparison.” One tweep says Skhumba has made it in the industry because people are now talking about him. The tweep says, “The fact that Skhumba is being compared to Trevor says a lot about him and the brand he has made for himself.”

The tweets:

by Alexandra Ramaite