Toya Delazy launches her explosive IsiZulu Album Afrorave Vol. 1

Toya Delazy launches her explosive IsiZulu Album, Afrorave Vol. 1

Toya Delazy follows up her recent explosive hit, Resurrection, with
highly anticipated full-length body of work – Afrorave Vol. 1 – out

Listen to  Afrorave Vol. 1  here [1]

[Johannesburg; SA]: Serving up eleven tracks of innovative and impactful
techno, bassline and African percussions bedded under Toya’s trademark
Zulu raps, Afrorave Vol. 1 sets the benchmark for the South African
artist and demonstrates the breadth, direction and uniqueness of her
brand new project as both sonically freer and more exhilarating than
ever before.

Pulsing with heady basslines and powerful quick-fire vocals, the album
blends electro productions with hip-hop flavours, creating a rippling
and uncompromising sound from the fiery percussions within Funani, the
deeper woozy basslines of  Tini and smart synth work displayed on
Shakata. An exhibition of authenticity, Afrorave Vol. 1 acts as a
reaffirming reminder to one of the most expressive young artists coming
through right now.

Drawing upon her South African heritage as well as the cultural nuance
of her London surroundings, Toya Delazy has carved out her own unique
sonic lane and aesthetic, thriving in a cacophony of colour, beats and
translocated culture. Already heralded as ‘one to watch’ – 2019 saw her
release, Funani, being voted as the ‘Best Video of The Year’ by
BOILER ROOM, and her 2020 Afrorave single, Qhawe, was recently
nominated for ‘Best Produced Music Video’ for this year’s Annual South
African Music Awards (SAMA27).

Now with her new body of work on the horizon, Toya’s relentless
creativity has not only garnered attention from MixMag this year,
naming her as one of the 17 women shaping African electronic music, but
also looks set to continue her trajectory as one of the brightest new
talents of 2021.

_Afrorave Vol.1 will be available for download and streaming on all
digital platforms [1] from today, Friday, 18 June.