The Bold And The Beautiful Teasers – January 2014

Wednesday 1 January 2014
Episode 6463

Bill fesses up to Caroline about his misdeeds but pushes back at her threats to expose him. Brooke finds herself in a difficult position when she is forced to take sides between Caroline and Bill. Hope uses an opportune moment with Liam alone to confess to him that she still loves him and wants him back.

Thursday 2 January 2014
Episode 6464

As Caroline is giving her a pep talk about not giving up on Liam, Hope senses that there is something that she is not being told.

Feeling resistance from others about the changes that he wants to make at Forrester Creations, Thomas is reminded by Taylor that his inheritance from Stephanie now makes him the majority shareholder of the company; he does not need to get permission from anyone to move the company in the direction he desires.

Rick sees red when Thomas flaunts that he is in charge and plans to make the changes whether anyone likes it or not.

Friday 3 January 2014
Episode 6465

Rick and Eric conspire about how to go about stopping Thomas from taking over Forrester Creations. At the last minute, Bill is able to thwart Caroline’s attempt to reveal his secret to Liam. Instead of revealing Bill’s secret, Caroline tells Liam that Hope is still in love with him.

As Liam prepares for a business trip, he has a difficult time shaking Caroline’s words. Thomas gives Rick and Eric an ultimatum about their place within the company versus their lack of support for him.

Monday 6 January 2014
Episode 6466

Caroline makes an incriminating confession that is overheard by the wrong person. Stephanie sends an important and controversial message from the grave that changes a few lives and the future of Forrester Creations.

Eric makes a decision about how to choose the next president of the company and then calls the family together to make the announcement.

Tuesday 7 January 2014
Episode 6467

Rick and Thomas begin to assemble the team members and designs that they feel will help them win the competition to become the president of Forrester Creations.

With Eric back in the CEO seat, he and Brooke fondly reminisce about Stephanie and how she has given him a purpose again. Hope and Steffy’s competition for Liam’s heart transitions into who will win the company’s fashion challenge

Wednesday 8 January 2014
Episode 6468

Thomas consults with an attorney regarding the legitimacy of Stephanie’s amended will. Later, his anger and determination to win the seat of Forrester Creations president grows when he witnesses a tender moment between Rick and Caroline.

Katie confesses to Bill and Brooke about her part in trying to push them into a romantic relationship during her absence. Taylor’s suspicions are confirmed when she overhears a private conversation between Bill and Brooke about the chemistry that they shared while Katie was missing.

Thursday 9 January 2014
Episode 6469

Fearing that there could be a backslide in Katie’s mental health, Bill and Brooke agree to not let anyone know about the kiss that they shared.

The Logan sisters remember back to past Christmases and the good times that they shared with their late mother.

Bill voices his concern to Justin about how Taylor’s recent involvement in his family may do more harm than good.

Friday 10 January 2014
Episode 6470

Katie refuses to believe what Taylor just told her about what happened between Bill and Brooke during her absence and then questions her intentions.

Brooke has a theory about why Taylor appears to be out to incriminate her against Katie. Bill and Brooke agree to forget about their kiss. Taylor pays a visit to Bill and asks him to stay away from Brooke for the sake of Katie’s emotional health.

Monday 13 January 2014
Episode 6471

Brooke is speechless that she is being confronted about her feelings for Bill and is fuming that Taylor would put the thought in Katie’s head. Taylor attempts to get Bill to confess that he betrayed Katie by kissing Brooke. Unable to contain her guilt, Brooke confesses and apologizes to Katie.

While working on the fashion challenge, Caroline threatens Steffy to not cross a Spencer while dating another Spencer.

Tuesday 14 January 2014
Episode 6472

Bill is pleased that Katie has forgiven him and understands what drove him and Brooke into each other’s arms. Brooke confronts Taylor about the real reason why she told Katie about the kiss with Bill.

Seeing how difficult of a time that his sister is having getting over her broken relationship, Rick makes a decision to tell Hope about how he lied to her.

Wednesday 15 January 2014
Episode 6473

Thinking that Bill’s attitude has softened a bit since her return, Katie is surprised by his disparaging words about people that she cares about. Brooke offers to help Rick tell Hope about his deception, but he is adamant that he needs to do it himself.

Feeling that Rick is about to chide her for not pulling her weight lately, Hope is in for a surprise when he tells her what he really wants to say. Bill attempts to get in touch with Caroline to make sure that she isn’t telling anyone anything that she shouldn’t be.

Thursday 16 January 2014
Episode 6474

Hope attempts to wrap her mind around Rick’s confession and feels totally betrayed by her brother. She desperately tries to seek Liam out to let him know why they are really no longer together. Liam and Steffy enjoy a tender reunion as he surprises her with an early return from a business trip.

Friday 17 January 2014
Episode 6475

Still grieving the loss of their loved one, Pam helps Eric make preparations for their first Christmas without Stephanie. Steffy is overly cocky about her and Thomas’ team winning the fashion challenge and about her rock-solid relationship with Liam.

Rick attributes his desire to be a better man to Caroline’s positive influences. Hope tells Liam about Rick’s deception and apologizes to him for doubting his loyalty.

Monday 20 January 2014
Episode 6476

Family gathers together at the Forrester mansion to decorate and attempts to make merry, but someone significant is missing. Pam receives a sign that Stephanie will be around in spirit to watch over the family’s celebration.

Bill and Katie celebrate Baby’s First Christmas with Will. Eric finds his own way to spend his first holiday without the love of his life, Stephanie, but it doesn’t quite turn out the way that he had planned it.

Tuesday 21 January 2014
Episode 6477

Hope is confident that now that Liam knows about the real reason why they are apart, he will want to reunite. Brooke reminds Hope that Steffy is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to Liam.

When Steffy learns about Rick’s confession, she threatens Hope to back off of Liam. Brooke calls Bill for a private meeting so that she can relay some important information.

Wednesday 22 January 2014
Episode 6478

Hope and Steffy go head-to-head over who they believe Liam will ultimately choose to have a future with now that he knows the truth about Rick’s lie.

Katie offers Caroline her support for when Bill learns that Caroline is the one who spilled the beans about Bill keeping Hope and Liam apart. Bill angrily confronts Caroline about blabbing to Hope despite his request for her to keep quiet.

Thursday 23 January 2014
Episode 6479

Caroline maintains her cool and justifies why she felt the need to expose Bill’s manipulations. Bill is irate that Caroline would betray his trust and threatens that she will pay for what she has done.

Hope questions Liam about whether or not the truth about their relationship being revealed changes anything between them. Katie begins to wonder if Bill is beginning to have a problem that is impairing his judgment.

Friday 24 January 2014
Episode 6480

An unfortunate accident sends Caroline to the emergency room and all fingers point at Bill for the blame. When Liam tells Steffy that he met up with Hope, she pleads with him not to go down that negative path again.

Alison arrives at the hospital at Bill’s request and provides him with “assistance” to get him through the rough day. Rick rushes to Caroline’s bedside as soon as he hears the news of her accident.

Monday 27 January 2014
Episode 6481

Bill tries to clear his name of any fault with his family concerning Caroline’s accident, but suspicion still hovers over him.

Furious that Caroline’s life was in danger, Rick restrains himself while confronting Bill about being the responsible party. Hope threatens Bill to stay away as she attempts to win Liam back.

Tuesday 28 January 2014
Episode 6482

Hope’s heart is broken when Liam responds to her impassioned plea for them to reunite.

Karen and Danielle arrive at the hospital as soon as they hear about Caroline’s accident and become angry when Bill’s name is mentioned as the cause. Thinking that Bill’s drinking may be the reason for his rage, his family members discuss how to deal with it.

Liam runs into Rick for the first time since learning about his lie and it doesn’t end well.

Wednesday 29 January 2014
Episode 6483

Bill is blindsided by pointed fingers and wild accusations regarding his drinking. Marcus confronts Justin about what really went down in Italy with Bill and Deacon.

As Hope is venting about her relationship woes, Dayzee recalls a conversation that she previously had with Marcus that sheds light on her situation. Furious at what Dayzee has told her, Hope sets out to confront the person who wronged her.

Thursday 30 January 2014
Episode 6484

Bill is put on the spot in front of a room full of people to answer to the allegations that Hope has hurled at him. Hope is stunned to learn how many people knew the truth about Bill’s deceptions.

Liam catches Steffy up on Caroline’s fall, Rick’s lie, and what happened at the hospital. Steffy bluntly asks Liam if the future of their relationship has changed now that he knows the truth.

Friday 31 January 2014
Episode 6485

Hope spills the beans to Liam about all of the conniving that Bill did to sabotage their Italian wedding. She is hoping that the revelation of the truth will make way for them to be together again.

Brooke is surprisingly more understanding than the other women in Bill’s life as he feels remorse for all he has done. Knowing that Liam is being told the truth, Bill anxiously prepares himself to reap the consequences of his actions.