Teen raped – biological brother arrested

22-year-old male suspect was arrested for alleged rape at Bergsig suburb, Heidelberg on 25 July 2019 at his parents’ home during the early hours.

It is alleged that on 24 July 2019 at Bergsig suburb, Heidelberg, the mother dropped off children from school and left. It is also alleged that the elder brother aged 22 was also in the house. The brother (suspect in this case) send another sister to the shop to buy some snacks. The suspect took the victim to his room where he undressed and raped her.

The mother was informed by the child the following day. The mother took the child to the doctor for medical check and treatment after which she reported the matter to the police.

Police wasted no time to arrest the suspect. The Station Commander, Colonel Amanda Dorothy Viljoen appreciated the efforts made by the parent to report the matter to the Police or to break the silence on children abuse.

The arrested suspect will appear before Heidelberg Magistrate’s Court soon.