They got married in Nov 2011. They’ve been having issues. “He lost his job about 2yrs ago. She had to be splitting her salary to sustain him. He beats her, but she did not tell her people. She however confided in one of her colleagues. She got home one day and saw that he had sold her car. When she confronted him, he said he needed money. It caused a serious issue that made her leave the house. Her father told her not to go back but she refused. 1392899_740643532615002_2035862830_nOne Friday she started her leave and told her people she will visit them, because her father lives at Ifako while she stays in Isolo with her husband. She is even the one paying for the rent of the place they are staying. They did not hear from her again that evening. Then they tried calling but she did not pick. Her husband called back to say they had a small misunderstanding that has been sorted out. They asked to speak with her, but he said she was doing something and will call back in later. They didn’t hear from them again. The neighbors however saw the husband jump through the window with blood stains and drove off; but since there was no scream or quarrel, they thought all was well. It was the next day they discovered her body. He stabbed her severally in the face and chest, close to the heart. That is not all; he cut off her bosom leaves the bent knife in her neck, locks her up in the house and takes off. (Although now he is in police custody). Just wondering, is it not a shame that a lot of the time those we let into our lives and homes as our guides and protectors are those we need protections from.

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