South Africans Share Their Experiences Dealing With Toxic Siblings

South Africans Share Their Experiences Dealing With Toxic Siblings in a series of sad and shocking confessions below!

1. I used to cry everyday, went to therapy for like 4 years. Even ran to my uncle’s house. My matric year was the worst! Twas like my mom & dad were blind or something. But with God’s grace i managed to get great results i can tell! As i grew older i realized that i shouldn’t keep in is gonna damage me .

2. Yhooo I families indlela ezi Toxic ngayo bethuna ? Kuya compete.wa and once you fail Kuya vuywa and if wenze lo mpazamo sekuhlekiswa ngayo or Kuhlekiswa ngomzali wakho kwa kule family. Ndingathetha kuse about toxic families

3.Not my sibling but like a sibling (cousin ) because we grew up together in the same house, she stops talking to me after I got a degree in law. ? She said I’ll use the degree to wrap bread ? and I responded “if you are God I’ll will, but I know you are not God, therefore, it will take me to places and when you switch your Tv on my face will be the first thing you see in Jesus name”.

4.My Abusive Drug Addicted Younger Brother he’s only a year youger than me and ndamonyanya shame i hate him..i hate how he abuses our mother..uyambetha Mamakhe amthuke he’s literally the man of the house and una18 qha even got arrested twice for ubetha Mamakhe and i have a protection order against him for my safety

5.Have a sister who always body sham me. Always when there’s something good my side she always grumpy and make sure I feel the same way too, like recently I got a letter for my second graduation, she overheard me telling my mom about it and has been acting strange since. She always has her ways of making me feel like I’m not good enough for anything.

6.My older brother (step brother) this started when we were very young he’s 6 years older than me, he started by telling me how dark skinned I am that I’m not his sister my cousins and lil bro were his only siblings , he’d take them all for a walk, by them things except for me , he would lie that I said he’s not my father’s son , in 2018 he physically fought me and I was 8 months pregnant at the time. He thinks I’m my mom’s favourite and honestly my mom treat us all equally

7.Okay so at home we r 5 siblings. I have a big brother and I’m d second born followed by 3 boys. So my big brother does whatever he wants anytime. He plays loud music from morning till late everyday, as soon as he wakes up he doesn’t care if some are still sleeping, he puts da speakers on a very high volume. Ohh did I forget that we aint even allowed to talk or eat snacks cs we might make “noise” n upset him. He’s always making bad remarks about my cooking but doesn’t stop dishing twice or more n doesn’t even care what we eat or if it’s gonna be enough. Last year he bought puma suede sneakers for 1800 for my Lil bro but diz month he decided to cut them into pieces cs my Lil bro apparently made noise with a spoon when making tea. Korr we are even afraid to breath njhe. I can’t wait for lockdown to end so I can go back to varsity cs that’s where I get peace