South African App that helps people locate graves launched

The Captive Insight today introduced a app that helps people locate graves easier, Without the hassle of getting lost and constantly asking for directions or grave maps in cemeteries. This is the first of its kind in the world. The app features the main function of finding graves in cemeteries, it also offers the user an option of capturing the grave themselves in cemeteries with ease on the appThe user is also able to share location of the grave with relatives or friends. 

Other features are memorial, Funeral, unveiling of tombstones and after tears notices. The user after downloading the app, Get notifications of instant notifications on any notices uploaded on the app.Through directory services the user is able to remotely organize a funeral without having to physically run and around, This is due to the directory services on the app, With a list of funeral service providers around the country from rural to urban from grave closers to funeral undertakers the app makes it easy for the user, to locate the grave, Organise a funeral, unveiling tombstone to a after tears at a touch of a button. This app comes in the time when South Africans celebrate heritage.

The company captive insight as one of the leading market research companies in SA, Specialising in mass market that has created the app, identified this gap in the market as the business constantly undertakes research projects in the mass market. Some of the insights, the app offers is how the to effectively sell funeral insurance services to informal settlements as well as larger groups into mass market like churches, Hostels etc… “This is a sector of the market that’s hugely under serviced, from financial products to FMCG, this is in the absence of quantifiable buying power. Some of the observations we have noticed are that, upon death in most informal settlements the local councilor is one of the first people contacted to donate to funeral costs, the community also helps where they can” Motsepe Motsegoa Wa KwaNcobela was quoted saying founder and director at The captive insight