On my way to out this morning,
i noticed a wet line across the foot path.
Getting close, i discovered it was a snail
that passed by and created the print.

But i noticed the line stopped a little
to the bush and this made me look further.
The snail has been stepped upon by either
a motorcycle, a car or human being unconsciously.

The snail couldn’t get to its destination,
It could not get to its abode,
It could not get to a safe haven despite
how hard it tried.

I wonder the amount of time it had spent
to get to that point.
I pray for you from my heart:
you shall not die on your way to glory.
You shall not be wasted.

Your glory shall not be trampled upon.
Today is the 26th day of the month of
December ,
you shall not die before your time.
You have been trying since years past,
even since the first day of the year,

I pray for you:
all your efforts will not be in vain.
The God Almighty will crown your effort
with success and by The end of 2013,

we shall all celebrate and the Lord will
keep us even beyond. In Jesus Name. Amen!!
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