Seriously in love with a girl

I am seriously in love with a girl from EWR I think . I think she’s doing 3rd year again or B-tech.
Man each time I see her … Her smile ,attention grabbing bust , her boyish quircky ways. She’s too cool with her clumsy swag. She and her friend are not your typical eDubs girls , she’s well wired I can tell.

Sad part I don’t know her name , I call her miss 8ta . 1st time I saw her she had me buy 8 simcards I don’t even use.
Last time I saw her was 2 months ago I greeted her she smiled and greeted me back. Then I saw her on tv again.
I used to watch her everyday @ the shuttle point. I just wish she would get out of her bubble and notice me.
I still see her friend but my queen is AWOL .
I just need her to notice me .