School Pupils Admit To Robbing Trucks

School Pupils Admit To Robbing Trucks. School pupils were part of the people who robbed a truck on the N1 in the Western Cape on Sunday.

School pupils were part of the people who robbed a truck on the N1 in the Western Cape on Sunday. The truck was robbed just after the truck driver was struck with a rock from the pedestrian bridge. One of the pupils told TimesLive that at least they now have a few winter items.

Learner from a school close to the N1 admitted to robbing numerous other trucks. One learner says, “We get to this all the time. Any truck that breaks down here or stops here, we loot. We do it because we are poor.”

The learner went on saying that the situations in their homes would be really hard and they have a possibility of not having food or money. The learner says it’s their parents are not full-time workers. The learner says that it wanted the truck to be a food truck because it would’ve made a difference at home.

The driver of the recent attack was stomped to death by the people that robbed the truck. TimesLive says it found a vendor that was selling grapes by the side of the road and people that were working on a constructions site at the scene of the robbery. Five people were arrested for supposedly robbing the truck on Sunday. The individuals were due in court.

The community members went to the magistrates court to see who was apprehended or to back the people that were arrested. Students of a school in De Doorns happily boasted about the robbery when they saw journalists. One of the students said: “It gets really cold out here in winter. My parents couldn’t afford to buy us any of these things, so I’m happy.” The principal of the school, Mlungisi Bushwana, says De Doorns has changed negatively throughout the years. He says the community used to be quiet and safe.

He carried on saying that drug abuse and crime have risen in the community. “I don’t live in the area, but I have been hearing a lot about trucks and motorists who get attacked here on the N these days.” One of the residents, Akhona Goniwe, says that it’s not safe for both the people driving on the N1 and the pedestrians. Goniwe says the people living in the area are also being robbed by gangsters.

by Alexandra Ramaite