Scandal! – December 2014 Teasers

Monday 1 December 2014
Episode 2139     

Lerumo gets some life changing news from a startling source. Gontse is forced into going along with something which makes her very unhappy. Thembeka has a fear which she conceals from Quinton. Ndumiso and Dintle do something spontaneous together which shocks both of them.

Tuesday 2 December 2014
Episode 2140 

Lerumo finds out who committed the prison murder.  Gloria is presented with an upsetting proposition. Dintle and Ndumiso seem poised for happiness on two fronts.

Wednesday 3 December 2014
Episode 2141  

Lerumo elicits a diabolical confession. Obakeng’s behaviour worries Zinzile and forces her into an uncomfortable position. Dintle and Ndumiso await the results of the competition with anticipation.

Thursday 4 December 2014
Episode 2142     

Eddie hears shocking news which places the Khumalo marriage under threat.  Thembeka reveals a painful secret from her past.   The competition results are in for Ndumiso and Dintle.

Friday 5 December 2014
Episode 2143  

A shocking truth is revealed which places someone in grave danger. Two unlikely partners in a fishy crime collude to keep their secret and one of them has further plans which involve tripe.

Monday 8 December 2014
Episode 2144   

Lucas deals with a compulsory assignment that involves getting blood on his hands. Gloria’s new venture yields unexpected positive results before she’s even open for business. Layla finds herself a job in the last place she expected to.

Tuesday 9 December 2014
Episode 2145 

Shakira gets a confession from Lucas and Eddie is infuriated by the unexpected consequences. Gloria’s excited about expanding a project but unwittingly compromises herself and two others. Layla makes a strategic move which she believes will increase her influence and power.

Wednesday 10 December 2014
Episode 2146   

A story of Eddie’s causes him to be faced with a huge backlash. The Dustbin Man’s hatred and anger reach new heights.  Gloria’s first night of her new venture is a success, but it comes at a cost she could never have imagined.

Thursday 11 December 2014
Episode 2147     

The Dustbin Man makes a daring move on someone close to Lerumo.  Gloria struggles to find her bearings in the aftermath of a horrifying event. Someone returns to make peace and sow forgiveness.

Friday 12 December 2014
Episode 2148     

Lerumo’s worst nightmare becomes a reality. Gloria tries to keep a secret by avoiding someone she’s close to. Ndumiso is cut out of a plan by one member of a family which distresses another member of that family.

Monday 15 December 2014
Episode 2149     

Lerumo’s problems increase as he realises he now has to protect more than just himself. Ndumiso tries to understand what he has done to anger someone he thought he was close to.

Tuesday 16 December 2014
Episode 2150   

A refusal causes Lerumo to dedicate himself to a dangerous mission.  Gloria is manipulated into doing something she never would under normal circumstances. A prison inmate has a startling response to the news that they are to be paroled.

Wednesday 17 December 2014
Episode 2151     

Despite Lerumo’s attempts to place a protective ring around his loved ones, danger finds a way of encroaching. Someone insists on stepping into Gloria’s shoes, which has consequences for both of them. Shakira tries to encourage a fellow inmate with unexpected results.

Thursday 18 December 2014
Episode 2152     

Mrs Chabedi initiates a dangerous confrontation during which more of her complex history is revealed. Gontse makes a decision which upsets someone close to her but pleases someone else.  Shakira discovers the surprising fear which lurks in one of her cellmates.

Friday 19 December 2014
Episode 2153     

Lerumo makes a startling discovery and is unaware of a delivery to his room. A situation spirals out of control and someone takes action on Gloria’s behalf. Shakira finds herself in the unlikely role of protector.

Monday 22 December 2014
Episode 2154     

The Dustbin Man strikes, creating more than one headache for Lerumo.  The truth could set Gloria free, but is she prepared to tell it?  Shakira tries her luck at job-hunting for an unlikely candidate.

Tuesday 23 December 2014
Episode 2155     

Anzani makes a life-changing discovery while Lerumo tries to find a way out of the mess he’s in. Meanwhile, Gloria does some digging about the first Mrs Rangaka, and Shakira realises that she will get the blame if someone else causes trouble.

Wednesday 24 December 2014
Episode 2156   

Anzani is thrilled about the truth coming out, but Lerumo knows they have another enemy to fear.  Obakeng fires a neighbour and hires a relative. Shakira’s suggestion that a relation could be the answer to a cellmate’s problems is met with a bleak response.

Thursday 25 December 2014
Episode 2157     

Mrs Chabedi fears for Lerumo and Anzani’s safety and stuns them with a shocking revelation. Obakeng proves to be something of a chameleon, and Gloria’s quest for the truth leaves her feeling more isolated than ever. Thembeka discovers juicy information about the prince and princess.

Friday 26 December 2014
Episode 2158     

Lerumo and Anzani realise that Mrs Chabedi is a woman with secrets. Ma Rangaka witnesses something which disturbs her deeply. Shakira has an idea to help a cellmate who has been rejected.

Monday 29 December 2014
Episode 2159 

Anzani’s rocked by a startling proposal and horrified by a frightening prospect. In her defence of Obakeng, Gloria further alienates the people who care about her. Shakira denies knowledge of Thembeka’s article but Vermeulen is a step ahead of her.

Tuesday 30 December 2014
Episode 2160     

Lerumo realises that he is no longer in control of his own life.  Gloria makes a shocking admission to an unlikely confidante. Shakira surprises herself with some uncharacteristic behavior.

Wednesday 31 December 2014
Episode 2161     

A shocking truth about Obakeng’s first marriage is revealed and he reacts uncharacteristically towards someone close to him. Dintle sets her sights on a target which is way out of her league. Scelo learns that adulthood is partly about being responsible for making his dreams come true.