SAPS Mount Road clamps down on crime – Eastern Cape

Accused sentenced for contravention of National Credit Act - NORTHERN CAPE

 Vigilence and alertness by SAPS Mount Road members paid off when they arrested two suspects in unrelated crimes.

It is alleged that on Wednesday, 25 August 2021 at approximately 22:30, at a local shopping Centre in 3rd Avenue in Newton Park, the complainant was approached by a suspect who threatened him with a knife. The suspect demanded his shoes and jacket. He also took cash from the complainant thereafter fleeing with friends.  While SAPS Mount Road were busy patrolling the area, the complainant stopped the vehicle and gave a description of the suspect.  The members patrolled the area and arrested the 31-year-old suspect on charges of robbery. The stolen property was recovered.

In another unrelated case at approximately 07:10, on Thursday, 26 August 2021, SAPS Mount Road members were busy patrolling between North End and Deal Party when they noticed two suspects busy digging up copper cables.  The members stopped and chased after them on foot. An 18-year-old teenager was apprehended while the second suspect managed to evade arrest. The members also recovered approximately 30 metres of electrical copper cables and garden equipment. The suspect was detained under the Criminal Matters Amendment Act – damage to essential infrastructure.

Both the suspects will appear in the Gqeberha magistrate court soon.