15 SA Men Share The Most Expensive Gifts They Have Bought Their Partners

15 SA Men Share The Most Expensive Gifts They Have Bought Their Partners in a series of confessions below!

1. I paid an academic year for one of my exes.. She now has a diploma in It from Richfield college..
Basically, I spent more on it than the get away

2. I spent 48k for her birthday on a get away… We still broke up…. So ya… I’m. Very stingy now

3. I took her Shopping and spent about R2500 and tool her to a Spar

4. I cant count anymore what i have bought her but i can assure you i have bought her gifts that are more than a mil..added together…since we got married 12 years ago…

5. Bought her a watch worth R2400, same week I was supposed to give it to her- I realised I didnt really love but rather liked the idea that someone as pretty as her could even date me let alone talk to me!! So I ghosted her and gave the watch to my mom

6. R8 599 for a f*cking hand bag

7. Took out a R60k loan for him, which by the way I’m still paying..

8. It wasn’t for my partner but it was in a braai for my friend I spent 5000 that night in alcohol only

9. 120k…that was for her surgery…She went to China and broke up with me because she wanted to focus with school.She told me she will tell me when she is thinking about a relationship…..then she engaged in January…A very good reason why I am still broke even now.

10. A brand new Polo Vivo

11. My ex visited Me in Gauteng last year December. Then b4 she went back home, i bought her Xmas clothes worth R3000. Few weeks later i received a call from her and her boyfriend telling me that I must stop calling her. Imagine after I spent my money on her the guy Ukhumula the panties that i bought……

12.Paying for her accommodation @NMMU for 2years but when I visited her I find us sleeping in Hotels

13. Lacoster sneakers worth R1,6 nd huawei p30 for her birthday last year

14.IPhone 5 for R14000.00

15. Brought him a Fossil watch and cologne both cost R3500 as a gift as he was starting a new job.. Wanted him to smell nice and always be on time ???