SA Domestic Worker Shares Heartbreaking Story About Being Locked Indoors Since Lockdown By Her Employer

In a shocking Facebook post a domestic worker shared a sad story about how she is being kept indoors and not allowed to step her foot outside by her employers.

Read her full post below in Legal Talk South Africa Facebook group

Good afternoon. I would like to ask Do stay in domestic workers/nannies have any legal rights at the work place during this COVID-19 period?

Ever since Lockdown started I have never been allowed to set a foot outside. Now that we on level3 with the shops opened and us being allowed to go out for walks I’m still not allowed to go out.
As it is I have a child that I haven’t seen in a very long time coz of the Lockdown which I do understand I can’t go to another province. But now she’s going back to school next month and I have to buy her things that she will need to stay protected and I can only get those things this side of Joburg and send it home via PEP courier.
But they don’t want me to go out telling me that I will make them sick while they are always taking walks having to mingle with their friends. As it is there are things that I need at the shops which are my personal things that I feel comfortable buying myself.

I just feel its not fair that they get to be with their family and I take care of their child. But I can’t take care of my own child coz she’s not privileged she’s not doing her classes online that’s why she has to go back to school and I need to make sure she has everything she needs but I can’t.
Is there any advice? Please