Pretoria a car break in heaven: Areas with more informal car guards experiencing the most number of car break-ins

In spite of the recent successes achieved by the police in Sunnyside, east of Pretoria, that include among others, the arrest of twenty eights suspects over a period of less than three months for alleged car break-ins and stealing from motor vehicles, which led to a substantial reduction of similar incidents, motorists are warned to be wary of people pretending to be car guards and remain vigilant. 

The warning was issued on the eve of the first court appearance of a 34-year-old man who was reportedly caught with a jamming device at Stanza Bopape Street in Sunnyside on Wednesday afternoon. 

Jamming devices are believed to be among the most preferred implements used by thieves to gain access into motor vehicles in Sunnyside and other adjacent suburbs. 

The suspect has been charged with possession of car breaking implements. 

The irony of it all is that areas that are saturated with informal car guards experienced the most number of car break-ins and equally, arrests for similar incidents. 

Heightened local police presence and Operation ‘O Kae Molao’ have been largely responsible for both reducing the volumes of theft out of motor vehicles and the arrest of the alleged perpetrators, the majority of whom are believed to be informal car guards. 

While parking their cars motorists are cautioned to guard against suspects yanking the rear doors open, which enables the suspects to access vehicles as soon as the owner is out of sight. 

By physically testing car doors after alighting from their vehicles, motorists should be able to safeguard against car jamming devices.

Theft out of motor vehicle still remain the most reported crime in Sunnyside and the local police are not flattered by the recent developments.