PORT ELIZABETH – Port Elizabeth Flying Squad arrests suspect at an ATM: Port Elizabeth

PORT ELIZABETH – While patrolling the shopping centres in and around the Kwadwesi area, Port Elizabeth Flying Squad members spotted a known criminal busy at one of the ATMs on Saturday, 12 December 2020.

It is alleged that at about 14:30, the members were performing crime prevention duties in Kwadwesi when they spotted the 39-year-old male. They monitored his movements and noticed that he was moving from one ATM to another. At the third ATM when he noticed the police, he threw down a bank card and hastily got into his rented silver VW Polo and attempted to speed off however the swift reaction from the members prevented his getaway. He was arrested for fraud and possession of suspected stolen property. He was found in possession of a bank card not belonging to him, R5670.00 in cash and two cellphones. The rented vehicle was confiscated for further investigation.

Police are warning members of the public to be circumspect when withdrawing cash at the ATMs. During this time of the year, many people become vulnerable while withdrawing cash. Always take note of your surrounding and NEVER let anyone assist you or distract you while busy transacting. If you become suspicious, cancel the transaction immediately and walk away or report the suspicious people to the security officers on duty or the police. These fraud scammers are very smooth and convincing. At no stage should your PIN number be given to anyone.