Police arrest a businessman following mob justice

While condemning the acts mob justice in Temba, police have arrested a businessman for several cases including 2 counts of murder, three counts of assault with grievous bodily harm and malicious damage to property. Further charges relating to incitement to commit a crime may be added as police are expecting to arrest more members of the community who were part of a mob Justice.

The suspect is due to appear at the local Magistrate Court within 48 hours. This arrest follows another incident of mob justice where police arrested 14 suspects during July this year in Temba after a murder suspect was also killed. The arrest of the these suspects serves as warning to members of the community who engage in serious and violent crimes by taking the law into their own hands that police are dealing effectively with the perpetrators.

It is alleged that the businessman and some youngsters trapped five men who were suspected to have conspired to rob his business in Mmotla Village, Temba. After they were confronted, they were tied on their legs and beaten up. Members of the community also joined them and continued with the assaults. Two of the victims were bundled into the boot of the vehicle that was driven by one of the victims. The vehicle was later set alight with the victims who burned beyond recognition. Three other victims were rushed to the Jubillee Hospital where they are still receiving treatment.

Members of the community who takes the law into their hands are guilty as any other criminals who are involved in serious and violent crimes and police will make sure that the perpetrators face the full might of the law.