Please don't judge me

Hi all, please don’t judge me.. Because I was A’s student back in high school I enrolled to Town Planning @CPUT in 2008, I failed all my modules both semesters. I never wanted my parents back in EC to know about it and I was using my Cape Town’s address so that my results wouldn’t go back home. I changed my course to Engineering in 2009 and I failed again. In 2011 I lied to my parents and told the I was graduating and I was doing my Btech.. I’m now struggling with my 2nd year but I have a bad feeling about this coz now my parents are planning a trip down to Cape Town to celebrate my achievements because they think now I’m doing masters. I was always a good son to them and they trust me, I’m now scared that I might break their hearts In this five to six years they gave me so much money approximately 200k and I spent most of it in long street and living luxury in cpt. I feel like a terrible human being now and I want make up for my sins.. (I’m disappointed in myself)