People Get One Day To Fly For R5

People Get One Day To Fly For R5. According to the airline’s press statement, Flysafair says that their selling has been great this year.

We all want to fly to some place for the holidays but the airplane costs always take us back. Well, FlySafair has made it easier for people to fly by lowering the costs extensively. The airline plans to sell tickets that include airport taxes at just about R5 tomorrow from 9am. FlySafair will be selling plane tickets that will be leaving till the end of September 2019, it plans on selling 45 000 tickets.

According to the airline’s press statement, Flysafair says that their selling has been great this year. The Head of Sales and Distribution, Kirby Gordon, says that the airline chose to increase their R5 seat numbers from 30 000 seats to 45 000 seats. Kirby Gordon says, “We’re especially grateful for all the support FlySafair has received from its customers.”

The airline says there will be a “Waiting room” in order to control the number of people going on their website. This allows a certain number of people to go on to the website at a certain time so that it doesn’t crash. When the selling begins, a certain amount of the clients will be chosen from the batch of the internet visitors in the waiting room. The clients will then need to finish theur buying as soon as possible before their buying runs out of time. The tickets can only be received by finishing the buying process.

People will be chosen randomly till the end of the selling, so it is advised that the consumers stay in the waiting room of the website till the end of the selling process. When the selling was implemented last year, there were people who said it was a fraud. However, Flysafair didn’t find the reactions to be surprise. Kirby Gordon says, “It was no surprise to us as it was an amazing offer and sounded too good to be true. We shared the sales data with the Authority and they obviously ruled in our favour.”

Customers who are in the waiting room can go to the Free2Fly promo where they can get free flights for over a year. They can also go to the Jive for R5 promo where they send a video of themselves jiving for a R5 ticket. Five contestants will be chosen, each of them getting one FlySafair return ticket.

by Alexandra Ramaite