PARKTOWN – One hundred and fifty drunk drivers are among over 1200 suspects arrested by police in Gauteng over the weekend

PARKTOWN – The first weekend of safer festive season operations in Gauteng resulted in the arrest of more than one thousand two hundred people. Out of these arrests, more than one hundred and fifty were for driving while under the influence of alcohol. By these arrests, Gauteng police are sending a strong warning to those who would undermine the rule of law this festive season and that it will have no mercy with those who drink and drive.

People of Gauteng should expect more roadblocks, stop and searches as well as raiding of liquor outlets as the safer festive season operations unfold.

One hundred and ninety eight suspects were arrested in Ekurhuleni for crimes ranging from dealing in drugs, rape, truck hijacking, possession of suspected stolen vehicle, dealing in dagga, driving while under the influence of alcohol and assault.

More than four hundred and seventeen suspects were nabbed by the police in Tshwane for committing offences that include murder, fraud, armed robbery, rape, house breaking and theft, possession of suspected stolen property, reckless and negligent driving, theft of motor vehicle, possession of unlicensed firearm, dealing in drugs and undocumented persons. In Mabopane, four cars were impounded as they had no valid papers, and through preliminary investigations, it was discovered that the vehicles were reported to be stolen and hijacked.

Operations also took place in Johannesburg and Soweto where more than three hundred and ten suspects were arrested for armed robbery, murder, assault, business robbery, house breaking, driving while under the influence of alcohol and possession of drugs, amongst other crimes.

Police in West Rand and Sedibeng arrested more two hundred and seventy suspects for crime ranging from murder, rape, house breaking, house robbery, driving while under the influence of alcohol, business robbery, business burglary, possession of suspected stolen property, possession of drugs, dealing in dagga and assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

All arrested suspects will appear before different magistrate courts in Gauteng in due course.

South African Police Service would like to thank law enforcement agencies that include Gauteng Traffic, Metro Police Departments, Tracker, Emergency Services, Department of Correctional Service, Department of Home Affairs, South African Receiver of Revenue, Private Security Companies and other stakeholders who continue to collaborate with them in the fight against crime.