Not sure if I'm doing the right thing.

Hi Sis Dolly. I have a boyfriend of of five years after a year i started cheatin on him and with this guy that i was cheatin with everything was so perfect me n de guy we broke up after two years because iv been lying to both of them n now me n my bf of five years we have a kin n ma ex also has a kid but me n him we chat everyday n i still love him hes de kind of a guy that i want to be with and he said dat he wants us to fix things um inlove with him n um willing to do anything for us to b happyu again. My boyfriend of five years was giving me silent treatment n dat made me angry. A few weeks later i went to visit my ex n we had a great time n sex was great but um not sure if i am being fair to ma kid, but dis time i know wat i want.