North West Police find two burnt bodies in a vehicle

The Police in Tshidilamolomo are investigating a case of murder and inquest following an incident wherein two bodies were found inside a burnt vehicle in Mmakgori Village just outside Tshidilamolomo near Mahikeng.  
Police were called at approximately 07:00 today to the scene of crime where upon arrival, they found a bakkie that was burnt to ashes.  Furthermore, they found a severely burnt body of a man lying on the ground next to the bakkie.  Inside the bakkie, a body which was burnt beyond recognition was found lying on the rear passenger seat.

It is suspected that the body that was found lying on the ground is of a 29-year-old electrical contract employee who are busy in that area.  According to information available at this stage, the man was last seen later in the evening of Tuesday, 06 August 2019 together with his girlfriend who is alleged to be from Majemantsho Village, Mahikeng.