Needs advice on a sex problem.

I am a 21 year old male. So I have never been a sexual person. I don’t watch porn, or fantasize about certain scenario. I don’t have a fetish or a fantasy, and honestly, I’m a bit bland in bed.

This has never been a problem, since my only other sexual partner was a very controlling type, but, now I am dating and living with a totally different kind of guy. He’s sweet, kind, gentle, caring and just all around the perfect kind of person. And before you mentally add “but he’s shit in bed, ” he is actually not. That’s not the problem here. What I need advice might be a bit strange. You see, boyfriend knows what he wants. He tells me exactly what he’s into and what turns him on, and that’s a lot of things to have fun with.


Lately, he’s been trying to do things for me. He asks about what I want from him, or what I think of when I’m alone, and honestly, I don’t really think about it. I don’t really have a fantasy i want to play out or a fetish to act upon, and I don’t know how to find out if I do.

I’ve tried watching porn to learn new things and to see if it will help, but it all really just turns me off. I’ve also tried thinking while playing with myself, but still nothing.

What else is there for me to do to find something besides just being with him, sexy? Please spread some knowledge up in here. If not advice on how to figure these things out, maybe examples of what are normal scenarios or fetishes, and what is appealing about them?

Sorry for being weird. I just want to learn how to be less… Flavorless.