“My knees still get jelly when I see you “- Basetsana Kumalo

"My knees still get jelly when I see you "- Basetsana Kumalo

Love is truly a beautiful thing and celebrities like Basetsana who have that love that has stood the test of time are a constant reminder that if you work on it, value it and fight for it as a couple, nothing will separate you or keep you guys apart. See what Basetsana wrote to her husbae below

“I still get those butterflies when I think about you, my knees still get jelly when I see you, my heart is always delighted to see you, I still miss you when I’m not with you, I still miss your TOTAL goofiness when I’ve been away from you for too long. I still think you are the hottest specimen I have ever seen. Your devotion to us knows no bounds, thank you for being my life long friend, partner, my husband, my boo thing, and amazing father to our children.

What a dream you are Mashobane. I love you, I honour you, I respect you and if I don’t tell you enough….you are one of a kind! One wise person once said “find a partner that will grow with you, gives you the space, supports you and you are his priority.” YOU, my love are all of that and so much more. Happiest of birthdays my baby and may the Divine hand of God be upon you all the days of your life. I love doing this thing called LIFE with you handsome! Ukhule ungakhokhobi Sthandwa senhliziyo!❤ P.S…..and you still sing for me?? “