Mum and I

A boy and his mother were so poor. The mother had to suffer just to carter for the boy’s need. One day, the boy came back from school looking so dull. His mother asked him, “what’s wrong with you son”?  He answered, “I am feeling sick”. The mother had no money to buy him drugs but she knew of a certain leaf that cures sicknesses. That leaf was planted in their farm, so she had to go to the farm and get the leaf. 44The boy waited for his mom for over 3hours but she still didn’t return from the farm. 15 minutes later, the boy heard some people making noise outside their compound. When he managed to go outside to see what’s happening. He saw some youth coming towards their compound, when the youths came closer, He noticed that the youth’s were carrying a dead human being’s body. He was shocked to see that it’s his mom’s body. When he asked what happened to his mom, he was told that his mom was bitten by a python. The boy cried and said to himself, “How I wish we had money, my mom wouldn’t have died”.

Now I speak to you, *you shall never be poor in this life* COMMENT ‘AMEN’ TO CLAIM THIS PRAYER’ Poverty is not your portion.