Mpho Letsholonyane Doesn’t Understand Why Three White Guys Are Applauded For Speaking Vernac

Mpho Letsholonyane Doesn’t Understand Why Three White Guys Are Applauded For Speaking Vernac. A video recording of three white guys speaking African native tongues made rounds on the internet.

The video recording started making rounds on Tuesday. This made some people on the social media streets smile. However, sports broadcaster and media personality Mpho Letsholonyane doesn’t understand why people are amused by the video recording.

Mpho says that South Africans shouldn’t be cheering for white people that attempt to know the native South African languages because it should be a norm. She says black people can communicate in English and Afrikaans pretty well, so should the white counterparts. The sports broadcaster says, “In all honesty this shouldn’t even be a thing. It should be normal. If you are born in a country the least you can do is know at least the “native” tongue…”

In the video recording, the person recording reads a verse from the bible in TshiVenda, he then goes on to give one of his friends the platform to motivate others in isiXhosa. One other friend also gets in on the action and also speaks in TshiTsonga. Mpho also clapped at a tweep who said that black people can only communicate in one language. Some tweeps loved what Mpho was saying.

One tweep says, “I’ve been saying this. People busy irritating us with “This is the SA I want to live in” posts. Since 1652 they’ve been here kodwa (but) they don’t even bother to learn.” One tweep says, “thank you. this should be normal…we can also speak English and you don’t see people posting videos and making it a big deal.” One tweep says, “In 2019 we still hyped up by this…I’m disappointed.”

Some tweeps loved the video recording of the three young men. One tweep says the three men can trend in peace because they went out of their way to learn the native languages. The tweep says, “We learn english not for fun, we learn it for economicalsurvival. One the other hand, whiteys do not need our indigenous languages to survive. So yeah this guy can trend in peace.”

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by Alexandra Ramaite