Meet The SA Robber Who Escaped From Prison 3 Times!

Meet The SA Robber Who Escaped From Prison 3 Times

South Africa has had its fair share of Robbers who have escaped prison multiple times. Collen Chauke is one such robber , born in 1970 and lived a life of crime, subsequently escaping from prison 3 times until his death in 2003.  Chauke, a former member of the African National Congress’ armed wing Umkhonto we Sizwe, was arrested in connection with a R12,6 million robbery from the SBV cash depot in Pretoria in October 1997. He escaped with five others from Pretoria local prison two months later after holding a prison warder hostage with a handgun. The South African police had named him as their most wanted criminal in 1998.

Collen escaped from many of South Africa’s prisons such as;

Johannesburg Prison in 1993

He was convicted for car theft and sentenced for four years imprisonment. He escaped from prison after serving only one month of his sentence

Pretoria Prison in 1997

He was found guilty of robbing R12,6-million from a depot of the SBV security company in Pretoria in October 1997. He manage to escape from Pretoria prison with five others in December 1997.

Pretoria Prison in 1998

He escaped from prison and manage to evade the police for a year until he was recaptured in 1999 in Nelspruit.