Man Verifies Cheating By Saying He Is A Polygamist #Uyajola99

Man Verifies Cheating By Saying He Is A Polygamist #Uyajola99. Yesterday’s episode of Moja Love’s ‘Uyajola 9/9’ was a mess.

Yesterday’s episode of Moja Love’s ‘Uyajola 9/9’ was a mess. Thandeka wrote to the show because she was suspecting that her boyfriend of 6 years, Umte, was cheating on her with someone she possibly knows. She went on to say that he hardly sleeps at home and doesn’t support his children. She told Moss that he lied to her saying that he has tokoloshi in him so he had to go to a sangoma in a hostel so that he can get rid of it.

She also says that he once fell asleep when he was drunk and woke up calling another woman’s name, asking the certain woman to open the door for him. Moss sent out his investigators to go see what he is up to. They found out that he was indeed having an affair, they confronted them. They also found out that the man of the woman Umte was having an affair with was in the rurals and in an ill state. A few insults were exchanged by the Thandeka and Umte. The woman apparently knew that he was in a relationship.

Thandeka’s sister wanted to fight with Umte. He was also confronted about the children he has from different woman, he said that’s what a man does. He also said that he is a polygamist, the problem is that the two women don’t want to share him. Thandeka said she didn’t know about the polygamy. When Thandeka brokeup their relationship he denied. Tweeps reacted to the man saying that he is a polygamist.

One tweep says, “…the tables turn. You think his cheating [but] he’s a polygamist. KNOW YOUR PLACE SISTER WIFE.” One tweep says, “Straight talk. Give that man a Bells. I am a polygamist…” One tweep was confused as to how the man was in a polygamy while the women were not aware. The tweep says, “Lmao how are you in a polygamist relationship but not all parties are aware…” One tweep says, “Oh he is a polygamist with another mans wife?”

The tweets:

by Alexandra Ramaite