Man Given Life Sentence For Dad’s Murder Because He Allegedly Reprimanded Him About Smoking Nyaope

Man Given Life Sentence For Dad’s Murder Because He Allegedly Reprimanded Him About Smoking Nyaope. A man allegedly got his father murdered.

A man allegedly got his father murdered. The man is said to have been tired of his father reproaching him about consuming nyaope and other drug substances. The man has been given a lif sentence by the Gauteng High Court in Johannesburg.

The man, Brutus Mhlanga, supposedly plotted with Caswell Ntsheula, Hloniphani Ntombela and Patrick Ziqubu to have his father killed in August 2017. He offered them his dad’s vehicle as a form of “down payment”. He thus gave them his word of honour that he would give them R150 000 once he gets his inheritance. 11 December 2017, Caswell Ntsheula, Patrick Ziqubu, Hloniphani Ntombela and one unknown person went to Brutus Mhlanga’s home with a gun and a knife.

Caswell Ntsheula and the fifth unknown suspect then stabbed and shot the father, Freddy Mhlanga, which ended up in being his murder. Lizzy Mhlanga, Brutus Mhlanga’s mother, was also fired at; however, she survived the shot. The four men then sped away in a Toyota Hilux owned by Freddy Mhlanga, the father. According to the National Prosecuting Authority spokesperson, Phindi Mjonondwane, the men were given life sentences along with several more years on Tuesday for murder, robbery with aggravating circumstances, attempted murder, conspiracy to commit murder, and having a firearm and ammunition at hand illegally.

The men were apprehended after a police official got details that Caswell Ntsheula has a firearm in hand without a licence. The authorities examined Caswell Ntsheula’s home, they found one round of bullets. When they asked where the gun was Ntsheula told them it was with Hloniphani Ntombela. When they couldn’t find it at Hloniphani Ntombela’s house, they couldn’t find it but he told them that he had another house that they could examine. Hloniphani Ntombela was given a life sentence including 51 years, Patrick Ziqubu was given life including 63 years, Caswell Ntsheula was given life including 45 years and Brutus Mhlanga was given life including 51 years. The son was apprehended on the 12th of December 2017, while the others were apprehended the day after.

by Alexandra Ramaite