Man arrested after randomly shooting and killing someone in Pretoria CBD

Pretoria Central SAPS have made an arrest in an incident where the suspect aged 38 randomly shot and led to death of one person.

At about 21:30 last night, the SAPS members were patrolling at corner Prinsloo and Struben Street when they saw the suspect shooting randomly across the street.

During the incident the suspect was shot on the lower body, he was taken to Steve Biko hospital in a stable condition, under police guard. The suspect is charged with three counts murder, attempt murder possession of unlicensed firearm,

Suspect allegedly said the victim killed his brother. The deceased 36yrs was found with many bullets wounds the whole body.

Among the arrests of Tuesdays three suspects aged 38, 22 and 19 were arrested for stolen possession of motor vehicle. Six suspects arrested for possession of drugs during police patrol.