Lindiwe’s Emotions Get Black Twitter Reacting #TheRiver1Magic

Lindiwe’s Emotions Get Black Twitter Reacting #TheRiver1Magic. The Tuesday episode of 1Magic’s ‘The River’ was tense.

The Tuesday episode of 1Magic’s ‘The River’ was tense. Lindiwe Dikana almost killed herself by drowning herself in the pool. Thuso ‘Cobra’ Mokoena also seemed to have caused chaos at Paulina’s tavern when he told Tshabalala that Oupa nad Percy might be selling drugs, it ended being chaotic for the people that are close to him. Dimpho Mokoena was also caught in the middle when Tshabalala and his crew raided, she ended up being hurt.

Lindiwe Dikana was helped by Tumi Dlomo (formerly Mokoena). Black Twitter is just hurt that Lindiwe has not recovered yet from the hurtful incident. Most of the tweeps says the miss the old Lindiwe. One tweep says, “Lindiwe will stress us now busy drowning here…” One tweep says, “Lindiwe actually tried to drown herself…yho..” One tweep says, “[The River] is quite heavy to watch. Lindiwe’s grief is triggering.” One tweep says the character was given consent to put people in their feels.

“Lindiwe we did not give you permission to push us this far. Give us time to recover. Please,” says the tweep. Some people want to hear the character’s voice again. One tweep says, “I miss Lindiwe’s voice now…” Some tweeps feels as if Lindiwe knows Tumi was the one who messed up the brakes. One tweep says, “Lindiwe is brooding a heavy game on Tumi. Girl better watch your back; I’m taking this seat to watch the drama closer.”

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by Alexandra Ramaite