Lied to girl, should I tell?

Sis Dolly, so i lied to this girl ive been seeing about my age, saying i was 2 years younger than i actually am because when we met she was saying how she would never date younger guys.

yes, it was an insecure, stupid move on my behalf and i really regret it. anyway, she is in love with me and vice versa – we’ve been dating for 5 months. but i feel like a prick lying to her. im moving town soon and shes hinted that she wants to become proper bf/gf and maybe move with me but hasnt come out and asked as i’ve been on teh edge myself. the only reason i’ve been reluctant to ask if she wants to keep seeing me is because ill have to tell her about my real age and im worried that that will ruin everything.

maybe it is better if i move on and dont ruin good memories – i know that if she had done this to me, i wouldnt end it with her but i would be aware that it signified possible trust issues. i feel like such an asshole and wish i could turn back time. its really eating me up inside cos i hate lying to her.

any advice would be great please.