Larryngitis Writes A Heartfelt Message To The Public About His Domestic Violence

Larryngitis Writes A Heartfelt Message To The Public About His Domestic Violence. Larry Nhlane, commonly known as Larryngitis, was accused of physical assault in May.

Larry Nhlane, commonly known as Larryngitis, was accused of physical assault in May. A woman by the name of Noxie who was Larry’s former girlfriend and the mother of his child went on Twitter, posting a thread, about how she endured physical violence from the popular 1/3 member of the ‘Microwave Boys’. The woman spoke about the times when they would argue about his cheating and it would move from a verbal altercation to him beating her up. She went on to say that she was pregnant at the time.

She also went on to say that he would beat her up and he supposedly started kicking her repeatedly while she was on the ground, with no regard for their unborn baby’s life. She let people know about the abuse that she endured as a last resort because he didn’t want to take care of their child. Today a statement by Larry, posted by his sister, was released for the public. In the statement, he apologised to the public for his actions. He went on to say that his violence trails back to his childhood trauma.

Very few people know my story. I’ve preferred to keep it that way but I’ve come to understand how it’s had a major influence on my life. To be clear, I’m sharing this not to seek sympathy nor to act like a victim or make excuses,” says Larry. He says most of his teenage years were spent with his sister while she was also a teenager. “I spent my teenage years being raised by my sister who was a teenager herself, while my mum worked hard to provide for us. She worked for an international NGO in several African countries.”

“After my mum passed away, I lost my rock. She’d been back homme for a few years. Her death was sudden. My sister had moved out 6 months before mum’s death. I felt alone. My world changed. My friends became my world. I was surrounded by different types of influence.” He then went on to speak about the time he started getting into the entertainment industry and about his mental health.

“I got into the industry at 18 and haven’t taken a break since. I was in too deep. On the day of my mother’s funeral, I was back touring with Jozi. I quickly distanced myself from my family. I was lost. Fast-forward to Running with the Reps where viewers saw my suicide attempt. I was suffering from serious mental health problems. I didn’t acknowledge it. I didn’t understand it. I didn’t face it.” He says that he has continuously apologised to the mother of his child for his actions.

“I have continuously apologised to Noxie for my actions and will continue to be remorseful. My family also flew down to KZN in January to apologise to her family. We then welcomed our baby boy into the world in March. I’ve tried my best to be there in person, and to provide financially. I am not perfect. I have sons and I’m determined to be a positive role model to them. This year I was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) which came with a whole host of unhealthy outcomes including anxiety, anger and depression.”

“From my therapy sessions I’ve learned that I have a responsibility to face my childhood trauma stemming from things I experienced in my formative years, in order to not perpetuate the cycle. This journey I have been on takes a lot of hard work and commitment. I am sorry to everyone who’s supported me throughout the years.”

by Alexandra Ramaite