Kylie Is Scared That What Happened To Khloe’s Relationship Might Happen To Hers

Kylie Jenner has trust issues after her boyfriend Travis Scott was rumoured to be cheating on her.

She’s worried that he might publicly humiliate her the same way Tristan Thompson humiliated her sister Khloe Kardashian.

Kylie watched her sister go through two hurtful and public cheating scandals with her baby father Tristan Thompson.

The cosmetics billionaire is now going through trust issues with Stormi’s father.

“Kylie is terrified Khloe’s embarrassing relationship ending could happen to her too,” a source close to Kylie said to Hollywood Life.

The source says, “Kylie would feel even worse if things did not work out with Travis and she was forced to raise Stormi alone.”

Knowing how much Travis loves Kylie. We hope it works out.

by Alexandra Ramaite